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Chapter 15 Examination Questions

Examination Questions

1. Define communication. What are the commandments of good listening?

2. Elucidate Transactional Analysis.

3. What do you mean by Child, Parent, and Adult aspects or a person ? Is it possible to motivate with TA ?

4. What are the philosophies of communication?

5. Explain in detail 9 Cs of communication. Also discuss modes of communication.

6. What is up and down communication? Also explain 1actos or procedures to make up and down communication successful.

7. What are the devices to facilitate efficient communication both up and clown the organization hierarchy,

8. Explain barriers that come in the way of communicating your message to your subordinate.

9. Define communication process.

10. Explain life positions of a parson. Also discuss communication systems.

11. Write short notes:


a. The Child

b. I am O.K., You are not OJ<.

c. Rules for good listening

d. Media of communication

e. Communication

f. TA

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