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1 Define control. Compare controlling with planning. Also discuss basic control processes.

2 What are the types of control? What are its phases?

3 What do you understand by management control? Differentiate between direct and indirect control.

4 What is management audit? Explain direct control through key areas.

5 What are the characteristics of good control system?

6 What is budget? What are its kinds? Explain budget as a planning and controlling device.

7 What is inventory control? What are the hazards involved in excessive and short inventories? What are the factors of optimum inventory?

8 What is production management / control? What are its routes?

9 What are quality and financial controls? Also discuss milestone and zero base budgeting.

10 Write short notes on the following:

(a) ZBB

(b) Milestone budgeting

(c) Master budget

(d) Breakeven – even analysis

11 Describe non – budgetary control devices.


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