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Chapter 12 Examination Questions and Exercises

Examination Questions and Exercises


Q.1 What are the parts of the business letter? Explain each of them in details. Have you been using all these parts in writing business letters previously?


Q.2 What do you mean by open punctuation and close punctuation? What type of punctuation would you prefer in writing your business letters? Do you think the punctuation styles you have been using are wrong?


Q.3 Describe different letter layouts. Which one would you prefer in business correspondence and why? Do they differ from the format you have been using lately? What differences do you find?


Q.4 Prepare specimens of different formats of letters.


Q.5 Briefly describe the kinds of letters.


Q.6 Correct the following wrong and obsolete forms:

In the heading:


a. Apr.6, 20 ___

Allied Co. Ltd.,

Bunder Road,



b. Al-Malik Company,

Abdullah Haroon Road,



In the inside address:

c. Fazal Mahmood (Open punctuation)


K.B Corporation,



d. Mr. Professor M. Kashif, (Mixed punctuation)

University of Karachi,


e. Mr. M. Ismail, the Professor




f. To,
The Manager,
ABC Corporation,


In the salutation:

g. Dear sir:

h. Dear Mr, Maulana:

i. Sir,

j. My Dear Sir:

k. Dear Manager


In the complimentary section:

l. Yours Faithfully

m. Your’s truly

n. Yours truly, [for open punctuation)

o. Truly Yours

p. Very Truly Yours: (for mixed punctuation)

q. Your’s very Cordially

r. Sincerely your’s


s. Yours truly

Mohammed Ali, Mgr.

Allied Co. Ltd.Karachi

t. I will remain,

Yours truly


Q7. What is a sales letter? What are its functions?


Q.8 What do you mean by AIDA? In a sales letter how would you draw the attention of your reader?


Q.9 What are the uses of sales letters? Also explain tire sales letter systems.


Q.10 Differentiate between a sales letter and a sales promotion letter. When would you like to write a sales promotion letter?


Q.11 What is a circular letter’? For what purposes is it issued?


Q.12    What is an announcement letter?


Q.13 What is a job letter?


Q. 14 What do you mean by self audit and job audit? Why is it necessary before applying for a job.


Q.15 What are the sources o!’ careers and jobs? Which source would you like to use in finding a job?


Q.16 What qualities, traits, and characteristics does tire employer want in the candidate?


Q.17 What are the characteristics of a good job letter?


Q.18 What are biodata? Prepare your own biodata.

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