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BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL LAW – Part 2 (Private) – Guess Paper (2013)

business n indust law P

Q#1 (a) How contract is classified?

(b) AU contracts are agreement but all agreements.

(c) State briefly elements of valid contract.


Q#2 (a) When communication and revocation of offer and acceptance complete.

(b) Define consideration and what legal rules are.

(c) State the exception to the rule that contract without consideration is void.


Q#3 (a) Discuss the elements of fraud and explain mere silence is fraud or not.

(b) Discuss rule regarding the contingent contract.

(c) Difference between coercion and undue influence or fraud and misrepresentation.

Q#4 (a) Types of breach of contract and what remedies are possible for the breach of contract.

(b) What are the rights of surety against the (1) Principal debtor (2) Creditor (3) Co-Surety?

(c) Differentiate b/w indemnity and guaranty.

(d) What are the rules of discharge of surety?


Q#5 (a) Types of and duties of bailer and bailey

(b) Rights and duties of agent & methods of termination of agency

(c) Differentiate between bill of lading and charter party, differentiate b/w common carrier and private carrier.

(d) Difference between pledge and bailment.


Q#6 (a) Essential of sales and types of goods.

(b) Define price and different modes of fixing the price

(c) Differentiate b/w warranty and condition and also explain implied condition and implied Warranty.

(d) Explain the rights, duties & liabilities of partner.


Q#(a) Who is unpaid seller? What are his rights?

(b) How an agency be created and essentials of an agency.

(c) Define the delivery and what are the rules regarding the delivery of goods?

Q#8 (a) Explain the essential of negotiable instrument and its different types.

(b) Differentiate b/w cheque and bill of exchange. Differentiate b/w bill of exchange and Promissory note. Differentiate b/w cheque and promissory note.

(c) Under what circumstances banker may refuse and must refuse to honor a customer cheque.


Q#9 Short Notes:

(1) Void Agreement (2) Free Consent (3) Caveat emptor

(4) Quasi Contract (5) Sub agent (6) Continuing guarantee

(7) Capacity of Parties (8) Kinds of Bill of lading (9) Kinds of endorsement

(10) Duff b/w sales and agreement to sell

(11) Rights and duties of Pawnee

(12) Dissolution affirm


Section “B”

Q#10: (a) What is meant by accident?

(b) Give the classification of disablement under workmen compensation act?

(c) Provision for safety, welfare and health of workers?

Q#11 (a) Discuss the powers & duties of inspector and surgeon?

(b) Define strike and lockout and why they become illegal?

(c) Under the act 1923 when employer liable injured workman?


Q#12: Short Notes:

(1) Seasonal Factory

(2) Labour court

(3) Unfair labour practice

(4) Holidays

(5) Unfair labour practice

(6) Working hours 4

(7) Joint management board

(8) Employment of women & Children

(9) Work council

(10) Children adolescent and adult

(11) Occupational

(12) Manufacturing process

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