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Applications of Pascal’s Principle or Law


Applications of Pascal’s Principle or Law:

Pascal’s Law has a number of applications in our daily such as:


1.         Hydraulic Brake


Construction and Working:

Hydraulic brake system is used in cars and buses. It contain of a master cylinder joined by tubes in four smaller tubes called as slave cylinders.

Each brake consist of two brake shoes which can be moved apart by hydraulic pressure in slave cylinders. The slave cylinders on all four which are connected by a master cylinder, connected by the liver to the brake paddle. Taken the brake paddle to pressed the increased pressure on it is transmitted through oil to the brake shoes which are then force the pistons. They now bear on revolving break drum to which a wheel is balled so that the wheel could be stopped. When the pressure on the brake is released a spring connected the brake shoes contracts and pulls together against the drum and the wheel is free to move.

2. Hydraulic Press:  


Construction and Working

In hydraulic lift a narrow cylinder is connected with a wider cylinder and they are lifted with air tight pistons. It is filled with some incompressible fluid; pressure can be applied by moving the piston in the narrow cylinder in the downward direction. The pressure so-transmitted undiminished according to Pascal’s principle to the wider piston. Consequently, the wider piston moves upward. The wider piston is used as a platform for a car or any heavier object to be filled.


3. Hydraulic Press

The mechanism of hydraulic press is same as hydraulic lift. But in hydraulic press the wider piston is provided with a rigid roof over it. When the piston of the wider cylinder moves of the wider cylinder moves upward direction it compresses any material between roof and it. The hydraulic press is used to compress any soft materials like cotton bales etc

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