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Advertising and Salesmanship

Q: Differentiate between advertising and Salesmanship.


1. It is taken such an act which has become indispensable for running every kind of business.

2. The Main emphasis is on the study of buyer’s psychology and to use if of earning profits.

3. To motive the buyer to purchase the commodity does not mean to compel him for purchasing sub-standard and unnecessary goods.

4. Its aim at satisfying the real needs Of the Prospective buyer.

5. Its refers to the confidence of the buyer for the goods of manufactuter on the basis of which the buyer becomes his permanent purchaser.


1. To help the salesman.

2. To get the rivals rid off the market.

3. To add new demand into the existing demand.

4. To provide information to the prospective new buyers.

5. To establish goodwill of publicity firm.

6. To remind the customers again and again for purchasing a particular commodity.

7. To provide information regarding  the sources of availability of particular good.

8. To curtail production and distribution cost.

9. To encourage the agents and salesmen of the commodity. 

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